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Bonding Jigs and Related Facilities
  Bonding jigs are used for to assemble parts by bonding with glue. Parts of outer bonnet and inner bonnet are made of the same material, resin. Some parts are made of different materials, for example, car glass and its fixing device. We can manufacture bonding jigs and related facilities depending on required performance.
■Bonding Jigs for Resin Parts
  These bonding jigs are for resin parts of outer and innner car bodies. The jigs are made for light weight solution. The jigs also contribute to productivity improvement by equipped with positioning device for work, air clamp, and ejector.
■Related Facilities
  These facilities are combination of a simple press machine and bonding jigs to bond and dry parts.
  We can present effective proposals by manufacturing both bonding jigs and related facilities.
Bonding Jigs for Car Glass
  This jig bonds car glass and its fixing device of resin. The jig can attach various kinds, shapes and numbers of parts, for example, resin clips or weather strips.
Characteristics of Glass Jigs
  A bonding jig for car glass can position parts by air clamps and sensors. The jig can check human error by electric control, and provide products stably.
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