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Dies and Molds
RIM Molds
  RIM Molds are low pressure molds and suitable for large size products. The material is DCPD (Dicyclopentadiene) resin.
By our original "cast-in pipe insert technology", it is easy to control mold temperature during production.
Front Bumpers
  We can manufacture complex slide structure easily, because we provide casting parts in our own foundry.

 Size : 2,100*850*1000
 Mass : 5,000Kg
 Materials : AL, ZAS
Hoods for Construction Machines
  This mold is for a large product with deep shape. High skill is required to design and manufacture it.

 Size : 2,200*1,000*1060
 Mass : 7,500Kg
 Materials : AL, ZAS
Covers for Generators
  This is a middle size mold and the product is box-shaped. It requires high design skill because demolding from a box-shaped mold is difficult.

 Size : 1,150*1,210*1,060
 Mass : 5,000Kg
 Materials : AL, ZAS
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